Student Club Support Program

Mentalab is committed to supporting the next generation of neuroscientists. Any student-led organiziation that uses EEG, neurotechnology, or surface potential biomarkers can apply to participate in the Mentalab Student Club Support Program (SCSP).

  1. Ensure your club is eligible to participate in the SCSP.
  2. Contact Mentalab.
  3. Connect with your Mentalab ambassador to jointly develop a project proposal and support plan.

Your student-led club is eligible to participate in the SCSP if the following three criteria are fulfilled:

  • Your organization is run by students and is non-profit;
  • Your organization uses neurotechnology or surface potential biomarkers;
  • You are willing to share your SCSP project(s) with the wider scientific community.

If your club is eligible and you would like to participate, reach out to us at:

General terms and conditions

Mentalab’s Student Club Support Program aims to provide students access to cutting-edge hardware that is designed around flexibility and high quality data.

Through the SCSP, students can purchase a used Mentalab amplifier at a 50% discount. This purchase will include one set of cables and one cap. Additional accessories (potentially used) will be available to purchase at a 50% discount.

Alternatively, students can rent equipment. Rental prices will have a 50% discount.

In exceptional circumstances, Mentalab will loan used amplifiers for one semester (max. 6 months). In this instance, cables and caps need to be purchased.

In all cases, equipment is subject to supply and participation will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


By signing up for the SCSP, you accept that:

  • Mentalab can and will feature and promote any project that uses Mentalab hardware throughout our marketing channels;
  • You waive your rights to copyright on images, videos, text, and all other media relating to our hardware and its use in the project;
  • You will provide at least one polished retrospective article that describes the project, and includes images and video materials where appropriate;
  • All application code that is generated during a project is made open-source under a GNU license or similar.