Selected Publications

Feasibility of a Mobile Electroencephalogram (EEG) Sensor-Based Stress Type Classification for Construction Workers

Lee, G., & Lee, S. (2022). In Construction Research Congress 2022. Construction Research Congress 2022. American Society of Civil Engineers.

Gel-Free Wearable Electroencephalography (EEG) with Soft Graphene Textiles

Golparvar, A., Ozturk, O., & Yapici, M. K. (2021). In 2021 IEEE Sensors. 2021 IEEE Sensors. IEEE.

Remote and at-home data collection: Considerations for the NIH HEALthy Brain and Cognitive Development (HBCD) study.

Deoni, S. C. L., D’Sa, V., Volpe, A., Beauchemin, J., Croff, J. M., Elliott, A. J., Pini, N., Lucchini, M., & Fifer, W. P. (2022). In Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Vol. 54, p. 101059). Elsevier BV.

Smart Armband with Graphene Textile Electrodes for EMG-based Muscle Fatigue Monitoring

Ozturk, O., Golparvar, A., & Yapici, M. K. (2021). In 2021 IEEE Sensors. 2021 IEEE Sensors. IEEE.

The HAPPE plus Event-Related (HAPPE+ER) software: A standardized preprocessing pipeline for event-related potential analyses

Monachino, A. D., Lopez, K. L., Pierce, L. J., & Gabard-Durnam, L. J. (2022). In Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience (Vol. 57, p. 101140). Elsevier BV.

The new wireless EEG device Mentalab Explore is a valid and reliable system for the measurement of resting state EEG spectral features

Dirik, H. B., Darendeli, A., & Ertan, H. (2023). In Brain Research (Vol. 1798, p. 148164). Elsevier BV.

Wireless EEG: A survey of systems and studies.

Niso, G., Romero, E., Moreau, J. T., Araujo, A., & Krol, L. R. (2023). In NeuroImage (Vol. 269, p. 119774). Elsevier BV.

Real-Time Navigation in Google Street View® Using a Motor Imagery-Based BCI

Yang, L., & Van Hulle, M. M. (2023). In Sensors (Vol. 23, Issue 3, p. 1704). MDPI AG.

Noninvasive Sensors for Brain–Machine Interfaces Based on Micropatterned Epitaxial Graphene

Faisal, S. N., Do, T.-T. N., Torzo, T., Leong, D., Pradeepkumar, A., Lin, C.-T., & Iacopi, F. (2023). In ACS Applied Nano Materials (Vol. 6, Issue 7, pp. 5440–5447). American Chemical Society (ACS).

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