Mentalab Explore Pro

Third generation mobile EEG, designed for research and industry.
Exceptional precision at an unparalleled size.

8 channels

16 / 32 channels

Mentalab Explore 32 channel size note

Powerful amplifier

We know that reliable high-quality data is key, so we made it easy to collect.

Up to 32 channels plus 9D motion sensor
1 kHz streaming, 2 kHz offline recording
True DC ExG with 24-bit resolution
Wired and wireless triggers (with ms accuracy)

Adaptable service

Don’t be restricted in your research.

Modular design for customisable set-ups
Open-source APIs in NeuroPype, Android, iOS, MATLAB, Python, BrainFlow
Expert consultants

Mobile products

Attach anywhere, feel nothing.

Amplifier weighs 27 g
Stream wireless data over 10 meters
Record up to 12 hours in one session
Enjoy remote updates

Versatile applications across disciplines

Explore Pro is designed to adapt. Our hardware is used across a range of research fields.

Cognitive neuroscience

Use EEG, EOG, ECG, and EMG to study cognitive function and its neural underpinnings. Our wearable EEG amplifier gives easy access to bio-signal data.

A set of emotions drawn on some colourful yellow balls

Brain computer interfaces

Translate EEG signals into actionable commands in real-time. Leverage our open-source software and raw-data stream to create advanced data pipelines.

Child thinking


Investigate brain development with an amplifier that doesn’t disturb children. Choose a children’s cap and soft electrodes for an optimal set-up.

Baby sleeping

Sleep research

Let users sleep whilst recording their brain activity. Record EEG and ECG simultaneously using an amplifier that won’t wake up participants.

A woman looks on after a golf put

Sports performance

Use neurophysiology to understand when and where people perform at their best. Explore Pro is light enough to ignore and powerful enough to measure performance bio-signals.

Music from Mentalab

Engineering art

Apply bio-signals to artistic and engineering projects where signal quality is important and usability critical. Explore Pro helps you collect bio-signals in minutes.

Customize your electrodes

One of Mentalab’s key design principles is adaptability. With any purchase of an Explore Pro system, you can customize your cable tree.

Standard configuration

Each cable set consists of 8, 16, or 32 electrodes and one unipolar reference electrode. You decide what type of electrode each channel uses.

UL-098-channel system
UL-1716-channel system
UL-3332-channel system

Additional customization

For easy multi-modal setups, attach a mini touch-proof connector to multiple channels and connect individual leads of any length and type.

1MMEXTMini touch-proof connector 
EAR-CLPEar-clip reference cable 
INDLDIndividual channel lead

Electrode types

All of our electrodes are coated in soft Ag/AgCl, combining excellent comfort with optimal data acquisition. Choose from wet and dry, flat and brush electrodes.

Wet electrode cables

Wet electrode cables have integrated, sintered, Ag/AgCl electrodes that cannot be removed.

HRGRing electrode cable
HRMMultitrode electrode cable

Dry electrode cables

Dry electrode cables terminate in connectors. You can then attach and remove dry electrodes to and from these connectors. Mentalab dry electrodes are Ag/AgCl-coated conductive polymer electrodes. They require no conductive gel, are soft to the touch, and reusable.

HRBButton connector cable
HRCAlligator clip connector cable


HRMMultitrode electrodewet
FLTFlat electrodedry
FLT-XLFlat electrode, extra thickdry
BRSHBrush electrodedry
BRSH-XLBrush electrode, extra longdry
STCKPLStick & Peel electrodes (x20)dry


Our caps are made from stretchy neoprene. They come in six sizes so that your participants can enjoy the most comfortable experience possible.

Cap sizes

modelsizehead circumference
CAP-XSXS36-42 cm / 14-16.5 inch
CAP-SXSS/XS39-45 cm / 15-17.7 inch
CAP-SS42-48 cm / 16.5-19 inch
CAP-MM48-54 cm / 19-21 inch
CAP-LL54-60 cm / 21-23.5 inch
CAP-XLXL60-66 cm / 23.5-26 inch

Fabric caps with embedded electrodes are available upon request.

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