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All our software is free and open-source so you can start researching from day one.

Don’t get stuck behind a paywall to access your own data. We use universal data formats and provide a range of open-source APIs.


End-to-end management of EEG data from Mentalab Explore in Python.
Includes data acquisition, device configuration and visualization.


A toolbox of MATLAB scripts for Mentalab Explore EEG data management.
Includes data acquisition, and plugins for EEGLab.


End-to-end management of Mentalab Explore EEG data in Java.
Includes data acquisition and device configuration, aimed at app development.


Sample library for communication with Mentalab Explore.
Includes data acquisition and streaming via Bluetooth.

LabChart Lightning

Mentalab Explore is now proud to integrate with LabChart Lightning from ADInstruments!

LabChart Lightning is a powerful data acquisition and analysis software platform.
It features data management, cross-recording analysis, and real-time calculations.

We’ve got you covered with lab streaming layer.

Analyzing EEG data is tough. Analyzing multiple signals and inputs running simultaneously is tougher. That is why time-syncing your data is vital.

Of course, Mentalab Explore integrates with lab streaming layer.

Download Explore Desktop
Our brand new desktop application!

Designed for those who want to record data quickly, and not mess around with code.
Our users requested an intuitive user interface, so that is what we created. Check it out!

download for windows
download for ubuntu