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24-bit resolution (0.1 μV/bit). 9D motion tracking. ±400 mV operating range. 1 GΩ input impedance. We could go on… but you get the idea.


Choose up to 32 configurable channels, wet or dry electrodes, up to 2 kHz sampling rate and multiple cap sizes.


Stream EEG data via Bluetooth, up to 10 meters away. The internal battery lasts up to 10 hours and the internal memory holds 4 GB.


Our open-source APIs integrate with your real-time processing needs. Think: Python, C++, Java, MATLAB. We don’t do proprietary.


Explore+ weighs as little as 27 g and has the smallest footprint on the market. And our caps are made from stretchy, soft neoprene.


Don’t feel restricted by the tools you use. We’ve made it easy to integrate Explore+ with whatever data pipeline you use.

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The Explore system is very easy to use. The flexibility of the system and the small portable device makes this equipment very appealing when conducting research using sporting tasks. The support from the staff is amazing.

Dr. Laura Carey
Dr. Laura CareyUniversity of Stirling

Lightweight, easy to use for examining large-scale movements such as locomotion.

Dr. Dimitris Voudouris
Dr. Dimitris VoudourisJustus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

I am so excited by the new opportunities for developmental studies that Mentalab facilitates-the amp is so light and small it is truly portable-even for babies! The signal quality is impressive and the team supporting the system goes above and beyond expectations to be helpful and responsive! Thank you, Mentalab!

Dr. Laurel Gabard-Durnam
Dr. Laurel Gabard-DurnamNortheastern University College of Science

The Explore system features a small, wireless amplifier capable of capturing high-quality data. In several experiments, we evaluated the data quality and captured reliable EEG signals. This system can be used for developing many neuroscientific studies and applications that need to run outside of clinics or institutions.

Dr. Omid Abassi
Dr. Omid AbbasiWestfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster

The system was easy to deploy, lightweight and comfortable for the wearer. We were able to use it flexibly for both EMG and EEG. Software was intuitive. Technical support from Mentalab was rapid, efficient and very helpful even for complex requests.

Prof. Alexis Hervais-AdelmanUniversität Zürich

The signals that the Explore was recording were incredibly high quality and very clean. ADInstruments have a very strong and trusted reputation in the life science research sector and we want to be associated with high quality products and manufacturers. So we were interested in integrating Mentalab’s Explore device with LabChart Lightning.

Brandon BucherADInstruments

The Explore system is an attractive, innovative, small and flexible signal acquisition device.

Georgia AlexandrouUniversity of Stirling

It’s a portable, very compact, plug-and-play solution that addresses all of the needs in developing wearable EEG-based medical devices.

Ata GolparvarSwiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL)

We have the 8 channel Mentalab system, it is easy to set up and use and performs incredibly well. Clean EEG, low noise and virtually no signal drop out.

Dr Sam John
Dr. Sam JohnUniversity of Melbourne
German engineering
as you expect it

Mentalab Explore+ is a wearable EEG amplifier for research, designed to work in any experimental set-up.

We know that reliable data is key, so we created a frictionless system.
Record raw EEG data in real-time with a low-latency Bluetooth connection for PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. Or simply save to internal memory. All our software is open-source — in fact, all our software is right here!

Exquisite signal. Completely modular. Uncompromising comfort.




hour battery




motion tracking


meter operating

At Mentalab, we spend a lot of our time speaking to scientists and researchers. Time and again we hear their desire for an open source, modular, ambulatory EEG device that is easy-to-use and scientifically rigorous. It was our customers and partners that helped us develop our 3 core design principles: performance, flexibility and mobility.

We listen to our clients so that we can create a product that works for them. And we will continue to do so. Always.

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